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Services – Injectables


Muscle relaxing treatment and dermal fillers

All our treatments are carried out by Dr Chloe Butler. She has specialised in dermal fillers and muscle relaxing treatments since 2003 and has worked in several facial aesthetic clinics.

Muscle relaxing treatment is used to relax lines and wrinkles. It is a highly purified protein, commonly known as Botox, that blocks the nerve signals to reduce muscle activity.

It is carried out by using quick, small injections with results showing 2/3 days later and can last 3 -4 months.

Dermal fillers replace loss of volume in deep lines, they can enhance contours of lips and enhance lip volume. The injections contain lidocaine making the treatment very comfortable.

The treatment is quick and has immediate results lasting around 10 months.

Chloe will provide free consultations to discuss your treatment with you

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You can also find out more information at Hagley Facial Aesthetics


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