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Hands & Feet

OPI Gel Polish

Long lasting, flawless wear colour for your nails. 100% gel with zero dry time and no nail damage!! Includes cuticles & nails shaped

Gel Nails - £25

Gel Nails with stronger base coat - £28

Gel Nails with glitter/nailart - £28

Gel Toes - £22

(Above prices include removal)

Gel removal - £10

Gel removal (cuticles, nails shaped and treatment) - £15

Nail Repair (per nail) - £3

Dipping Acrylic

Super thin application of dipping acrylic on natural nails. Gives you all strength of an acrylic nail, without having extensions. Perfect for nails that gel may chip easy or thin nails.

Dipping Acrylic - £28

Nail Extensions

Strong natural looking nail Enhancements to give you the lovely nails you desire with minimal damage to the natural nails.

Acrylic, Gel or Silk with colour finish - £37

Permanent Pink & White - £40

Infills - £28


Signature Manicure

Known as the 'cant live without' You will experience the quintessential OPI ProSpa products combined with a relaxing massage

With Infinite Shine - £25

With Gel - £30

Pamper Manicure

Soothe, relax and indulge with the ultimate ProSpa manicure. The creme de le creme of manicures, you will benefit from unparalleled exfoliation, hand mask, moisture & protection, whilst revealing in a combination of massage techniques designed to reduce stress and relieve tension

With Infinite Shine - £30

With Gel - £35


Signature Pedicure

For full maintenance for your feet includes soak, scrub, removal of callus skin and massage, finished with Infinite shine (gel like shine polish but cures in natural light, moves with nail polish remover)

With Infinite Shine - £28

With Gel - £31

Pamper Pedicure

Includes unparalleled callus softening & removal, exfoliation, moisture & protection. (Includes foot mask) And enjoy an extended massage combined with acupressure to reduce stress, relieve tension and will leave you feeling relaxed and renewed

With Infinite Shine - £34

With Gel - £37

Brows & Lashes

Lash Bath

20 Mins - £5

40 Mins - £18

Individual Eyelash Extensions

Light weight, individually applied eyelash extensions that can be tailored specifically to your desired look.

Full Set - £45

1 Hour Rebalance - £25

1 Hour 30 mins Rebalance - £35

Hybrid Eyelash Extensions

A combination of individual eyelashes and pre-made volume lashes, gives a natural & fluffy finish

Full Set - £55

1 Hour Rebalance - £30

1 Hour 20 mins Rebalance - £40

Russian Volume Eyelash Extensions

2-6 superlight and fine eyelash extensions, hand made into a fan during the treatment and wrapped around 1 of your natural lashes

Full Set £65

1 Hour Rebalance £25

1 Hour 30 mins Rebalance £35


This treatment gives your natural lashes length, volume and lift (price includes a free colour boost)

Per Treatment - £30

Mega Volume

These are as glam and dense as it gets. Mega Volume lashes are very similar to the Russian volume technique except they are created using even lighter weigh lashes than those used in Russian Volume (usually 0.03g) and so a much bigger ‘fan’ of lashes can be created. These lashes are also great if you have sparse natural lashes as they can give the illusion of filling in any gaps.

Offer prices

Full set - £50

2 week 1hr infill - £35

3 week 1hr 30 - £40

Henna Brows

Henna is a plant based product that encourages hair growth by up to 60%. Its long lasting effect will mean the colour lasts for 6-8 weeks on the hair and 1-3 weeks on the skin (depending on skin types). The brows are carefully measured to ensure a lovely balanced look

Per Treatment - £28

Precision Brows

7 step brow design, giving your the ultimate in well groomed brows. Treatment includes design, tinting, waxing, tweezing, trimming, threading, threading and makeup.

Per Treatment - £20

Brow Lamination

HD Brow Sculpt Lamination is a eyebrow perming treatment that involves correcting the brow shape by setting hairs in place

Per Treatment - £25


Eyelash Tint - £10

Eyebrow Tint - £8

Massage & Facials


Massage is a therapy used on the body for a variety of reasons. There are different techniques and pressures to suit your needs. With the use of warm, essential oils you'll love this muscle melting treatment - whilst feeling the many benefits afterwards.

30 min Back Massage - £25

45 min Back Massage - £30

60 min Full Body - £40

Hot Stones Massage

Hot Stones Massage is not just a relaxing heat treatment! It can be tailored to each individual to work on their areas of concern. The smooth, water-heated basalt stones are used on key points of the body, they provide a healing and effective experience. The heat relaxes the muscles, giving deeper access to them. It can assist in relieving chronic pain, reducing stress and promoting deep relaxation.

30 min Back Massage - £25

45 min Back Massage - £30

60 min Full Body - £35

Deep Tissue

Deep Tissue is perfect for anyone who suffers with muscle tension, headaches, aches & pains, reduced mobility due to muscle tightness

30 min Back Massage - £28

45 min Back Massage - £35

60 min Full Body - £40

1 Hr Relaxation - £30

This all over treatment will definitely be a treat for you. It includes a muscle melting full body massage - with a pressure of your choice, a mini facial & finishes off with a relaxing scalp massage.

Indian Head Massage - £35

Seated indian head massage, 45 min treatment which includes a back, neck, shoulder, scalp & face massage.

Full Body Massage & Mini Facial - £45

This all over treatment will definitely be a treat for you. It includes a muscle melting full body massage (with pressure of your choice). A mini facial and finishes off with a relaxing scalp massage.

Male Massage

Destress Back Massage

This massage concentrates on the back, neck & shoulders. Specific massage techniques and pressures are used to focus on the tension held in these areas.

30 Mins - £25

Intense Muscle Release Massage

A more stronger & deeper pressure is used in this massage to target problematic areas that could be causing discomfort. 

30 Mins - £28

Full Body Relaxation Massage

Back, legs, arms, neck & scalp massage to help the mind & body relax & unwind, with a medium to firm pressure.

60 Mins - £40

Hot Stones Massage is also available for men. This can be used as a less intense deep tissue massage. The heat from the stones help relax the muscles and release any tension. Please take a look at our Massage & Facials category to book this.

Spray Tan & Waxing

Spray Tan

Half Body - £15

Full Body - £10


Half Leg - £18

Full Leg - £25

Basic Bikini - £11

Extended Bikini - £15

Underarm - £10

Lip - £5

Chin - £5

Lip & Chin - £9

Arms - £15

Nostril - £5

Eyebrow - £10

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